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Corporate Videographer Kelowna Businesses

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The question on the effectiveness of corporate video in brand communication and sharing information is a done case. But just because every other brand you know is doing so well with video content does not mean an easy ride for you. Your situation is unique and deserves an equally unique approach to video content.
What about you first learn on the 5 golden rules into effective corporate videographer Kelowna businesses. Keep reading…

Define and refine your audiences
It is wrong to think that everyone will be interested in whatever products and services you are promoting in your corporate videos. Your first step should be defining who qualifies as your audience and those who fall outside the probability box.
Run a test on your just defined audiences and see what you get as feedback. Trim your audience further until you have a slim but responsive group. It is better to target a few thousands of customers and achieve 90% conversion other than targeting millions only to get 1% conversion.

Tell your emotional story in an emotional way
Your conscious mind will be hell-bent to convince you on the decisions you make. But truth is, your sub-conscious mind calls the decision shots. People purchase products or services if they can find an emotional accord with it. It does not matter how great your products and services are; it will always boil down to how emotional your story is.
Most corporate videos are laden with facts, citations and benefits but they are never watched to the end. Why? Because they are not connecting with the potential audience.

Show it not tell it; that is why it is a video
One mistake many corporations make is narrating their message rather than showing it to the audiences. If you are all about telling then you are no better than anyone using text. Video is about showing what your product or service could do.
Here is a scenario to help this point sink. Imagine you are marketing a perfume brand and the catch is about its fragrance. You create a corporate video telling your audience how great the fragrance is. Your competitor has a perfume but uses video to create an imagination in the viewer’s mind. Who do you think would sell? Your competitor will take the day for one simple reason: showing and not telling.

You are not the focus, your customer is
There is no denying that your story is an interesting one but customers do not care about it. Many corporate videos are filled with brand views entirely leaving out the customer. A big and costly mistake. You should create imaginations that your audience could try to fit it. They should see themselves in your story before they can turn to you for help.

It is not all about what you do, what you believe has a role too
You will capture a lot of attention with what you do. However, the buying and retention cycle will require more than just that. You will be expected to share your beliefs to reach out to people who think as you do.
Bingo! It could not be easier than what these rules make it, could it? Now you can break records with your corporate videos. Play by the rules and you will always win it fair and square.